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Company Profile

NTY CO.,Ltd. is a manufacturer of stainless steel wire established in 1973.
We meet a wide variety of customer needs with low prices and short delivery times,
which can be realized only as a manufacturer.

Company Name NTY CO.,Ltd.
Head office address 5-6-26, Kano 5-chome, Higashi-Osaka, Osaka 578-0901, Japan
phone and fax 072-889-2527 / 072-872-0237
E-mail info@ntystainless.co.jp
Establishment March 1973
Date of establishment May 22, 1973 (anniversary of foundation)
Capital stock 3,000,000yen
Net Sales Operating Income Fiscal year ended February 2024: 484 million yen
Representative Director Nobukatsu Ishibashi
Number of Employees 28 employees
Banks of Account Osaka City Shinkin Bank, Kinki Osaka Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Main Products Stainless steel wire (rope material, brush material, spring material, braid material, hard steel wire, semi-hard steel wire)
Other tertiary processed products (antenna struts, antenna strut stops, small coiled wires for home centers)
Outline of Factory Land: 390 tsubo Building: 115 tsubo
Factory equipment 10 high-speed fine wire machines for stainless steel
10 fine wire coiling machines for stainless steel
6 winders
2 tensile strength testing machines
Annual production capacity Approx. 600 tons

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The video clearly explains how to install the joints.

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