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The video clearly explains how to install the joints.

NTY's official TikTok account.


We are a stainless steel wire manufacturer established in 1973. We can meet a wide variety of customer needs with low prices and short delivery times, which can only be realized by being a manufacturer. We can respond to your needs more cheaply and more quickly than anywhere else, so please contact us.

In addition, we have formed a business alliance with IWD, one of the world's leading manufacturers of processing dies, and we serve as a contact for repair and sales in Japan. We also use IWD dies when drawing our own stainless steel wire. By thoroughly researching dies, we have succeeded in making them last longer and reducing labor costs.

Apart from stainless steel wire and dies, we also have a business alliance with a major general trading company in China and import and sell products to the general public. Most of the products sold in Japan today are made in China. Among them, we focus on quality, and by purchasing large quantities from reliable manufacturers, we are able to sell our products at thoroughly low prices.

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Please feel free to contact us for any quotation or inquiry regarding our products.