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PRODUCTSStainless Steel Wire

We have 40 years of experience in wire drawing to provide high-quality, low-cost stainless steel wire. In addition, since 2014, we have partnered with a Chinese wire drawing manufacturer to teach them Japanese technology, which enables us to provide low-cost, high-quality products of blunt wire (W1), which is expensive to produce in Japan.。

  • Steel grade: 302 304 316 316L 430
  • Wire diameter: 0.06mm~
  • Applications:
    Rope/ Brush/ Spring/
    Wire mesh / Demister / Blade
  • Tensile Strength:
    W1 WPA WPB 3/4H 1/2H 1/4H 1/8H 1/16H

【JIS standard table】Wire Diameter and Tensile Strength

For springs

In Japan, nickel-coated stainless steel wire is usually used for springs, but we do not sell nickel-coated stainless steel wire. Instead, we sell soap-coated (coated) stainless steel wire.

Without nickel coating, it is said to be incompatible with machines when manufacturing springs. It is true that nickel-coated wire is certainly more slippery and easier to manufacture springs than regular stainless steel wire without any coating. However, there is no problem in terms of chemical composition of springs with ordinary stainless steel wire, and it seems a bit wasteful to choose nickel-coated wire just because it is easier to manufacture, don't you think?

Therefore, we have boldly decided not to deal in nickel-coated wire, in order to promote soap-coated (coated) stainless steel wire, which is the mainstream in countries around the world except Japan, in Japan. Soap-coated stainless steel wire slides much better than uncoated stainless steel wire, and it is the norm for stainless steel wire for springs in countries other than Japan.

The advantage of soap-coated wire is its price. Compared to nickel-coated wire, soap-coated wire can be manufactured at a much lower cost, and there are no problems with its scientific composition. We have actually shipped stainless steel wire without nickel coating or soap coating to spring manufacturers. If so, why don't you give it a try?

For wire mesh/demister/blade

For customers who order regularly, we keep a stock of stainless steel wire in our warehouse and sell it for immediate delivery at the nickel market price and exchange rate at the time the order is placed.

The reason our stainless steel wire for wire mesh is particularly inexpensive is that we are a manufacturer, not a trading company.

Our main business is to purchase stainless steel wire from stainless steel wire manufacturers in China, draw the wire in our factory, and sell it as rope material, spring material, and brush material to various Japanese manufacturers. Therefore, we purchase stainless steel wire for use in our company together with our customer’s products, and by increasing our purchase volume, we are able to negotiate directly with Chinese stainless steel wire manufacturers and purchase at even lower prices.

Even if we do not receive any profit from our customers, the increase in the quantity ordered by our customers is enough to lower the purchase price of the stainless steel wire we use, which is beneficial to us as well.

However, it is not enough if the price is low or low. Unlike trading companies, we also draw stainless steel wire, so we can judge whether the product is good quality or bad quality which cannot be seen from the appearance.

Usually, if the wire is dull (W1) like stainless steel wire for wire mesh, you have to trust the analysis table (mill sheet) and judge by appearance. Since we also draw our own wire, we are able to cut stainless steel wire of poor quality. The stainless steel wire from a Chinese stainless steel wire manufacturer that we are currently working with is not like that and provides us with high quality products.

PRODUCTSDie Repair Sales

We have formed a business alliance with IWD, one of the world's leading manufacturers of drawing dies in terms of processing technology, and we serve as a contact point for repair and sales in Japan.
In recent years, due to price competition for wire drawing dies, die makers around the world have switched to less costly processing methods, and the current situation is that the ideal die shape has become far from ideal.
We have been drawing stainless steel wire for many years, and it is true that the price of the dies themselves has come down compared to the past.
However, it is also a fact that the life of dies is getting shorter, and the cost of dies as a cost of wire drawing is not getting cheaper.
If the total cost of dies is the same, it would be more efficient to use dies with a longer life, which would reduce the time required for die replacement.
For several years, we have ordered dies from various manufacturers and requested repairs and processing to verify the results. Among them, IWD has been making and repairing dies faithfully based on the basics in order to achieve the ideal die shape. In addition, through thorough streamlining, the prices of our dies are competitive with those of other die makers.
Please try IWD's dies for yourself. You will surely see the difference.

PRODUCTSImport Sales

Apart from stainless steel wire and dies, we also have a business alliance with a major general trading company in China and import and sell products to the general public. Most of the products sold in Japan today are made in China. Among them, we focus on quality, and by purchasing large quantities from reliable manufacturers, we are able to sell our products at thoroughly low prices.

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